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VIDEOS - Lock-down Tales


On this page you will find a collection of videos of Alastair telling stories during the Covid-19 lock-down (and the time of restrictions that followed) in 2020. These tellings are to camera, which means that they are missing the usual interaction with the audience that normally characterises Alastair's storytelling.

Snow White

Elephant and Rhino
A story from Zimbabwe

Two Bothers and the King's Reward
based on a story from the Brothers Grimm

Akbar and Birbal - The Bedtime Story
An Indian Tale

Kenan and Son - a story from the Old Testament
with a script by Stephen Deal

The Bridge of Zirl (an Austrian tale with links to English folklore and the tales from 1001 nights)

(A story from ancient Egypt, which will feel familiar...)

The Fisherman and His Wife
(A tale from the Grimm brothers)

Zeus and Athene
(two tales based on Greek Mythology)

Zeus and Athene
(two tales based on Greek Mythology)

The King's Problem
(a tale from the ancient Hindu text, The Panchatantra)

The Building Trade
(a sketch by Stehen Deal, based on a parable)

The Piper of Newtown
(based on an English folktale)

The Road to Paradise
(a well-travelled European tale that I have set in Belgium)

The Well at the End of the World
(based on a Scottish folktale)

The Sages of Chelm
(based on a Yiddish story from Poland)

The Old Man and the Devil's Millstone
(based on a Norwegian folktale)

The Fisherman and The Genie
(based one of the Stories from 1001 Nights)

How the Crab got his Shell
(based on a Caribbean folktale)

The Hodja and the Wedding Feast
(based on a Turkish folktale)

The Two Misers
(based on a Pakistani folktale)

The Tower of Brookland Church
(based on Kentish folklore)

The Princess of the Great Heart
(an original story by Alastair K Daniel)

The Princess and the Crow
(based on a  Vietnamese folktale)

The Greatest of All
(based on a Japanese folktale)

Snakes and Pearls
(based on a French fairy tale)

The Day the Sun Smiled
A story from India

Urashima Taro
(based on a Japanese folktale).

Tenali Rama's Dream 
(based on an Indian folktale)

The Hare and the Tortoise
(based on a Xhosa version)

The Royal Journey to Heaven 
(based on an Indian folktale)

The Family Table 
(based on a tale from the Brothers Grimm

The Three Billy Goats Gruff (based on a Norwegain folktale)