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On this page you will find links to a series on online presentations, each of which is a mini-course on a storytelling-related topic (such as the use of objects in storytelling). The presentations work in the same was as Power Point, and you move from slide to slide. Accompanying each slide there is either an audio commentary or a short video. Unfortunately, the software seems a little inconsistent about whether to play these automatically, or wait for you to click on the play icon - of course, you can just use the slide presentation without the audio/video. If you spot any errors, or would like to talk to Alastair further about any aspect of the presentations, please use the form below.   

Levels of Storytelling - Presentation

Storytelling performance considered from the perspectives of the surface, discourse, narrative and  deep levels of storytelling.

Meaning making, meaning shaping - presentation

An introduction to linking motivation, action and context in story. 

Objects in storytelling - presentation

Working with objects in storytelling: their purpose, choice and manipulation.

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