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Consultation and Evaluation


Alastair’s educational credentials speak for themselves*, and he has provided consultation and evaluation services for a range of organisations including The Tate (education), McDonald's Restaurants (Happy Readers), National Museum of Computing, Norfolk Museum Service, the Royal Armouries Museums, Freshly Greated (Great Yarmouth arts regeneration) and OneEntertainment (France) animations. He is experienced in both narrative and semiotic forms of analysis and evaluation, and is used to presenting findings in language that is suitable for the 'lay' reader as well as preparing more technical reports.


Some of the themes that have been threaded through this work are:

  • What is the story we are telling (and who is represented in that narrative)?
  • How do we ensure effective communication of the story we want to tell?
  • What is the experience of the user or learner?
  • How do we ensure that users or learners are engaged by what we are offering?
  • What is the benefit of our offering to users or learners?


If you would like to discuss how Alastair could support the work of your organisation, please send him a message using the form below.  


* Doctor of Philosophy (Surrey University), Master of Arts - Education (Winchester University), Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Learning and Teaching (London Metropolitan University) and Bachelor of Education with Honours (London University). Alastair is also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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